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The Rotary Foundation (TRF) offers an array of programs that help Rotary Clubs maximize their World Community Service work. (www.rotary.org) The Foundation’s Global Grants program encourages Rotary clubs in Developed Countries and Rotary clubs in Developing Countries to partner in projects that improve their communities. The clubs commit funds for a project, and that amount is matched 50 cents on the dollar by TRF. District Designated Funds used for projects are matched dollar for dollar. The RFPD Project Database has projects which follow the TRF guidelines for population Global Grants and can be sponsored by your club.

District Project 9125

Scaling up project - Maternal and Child Health 

Club/District Partner(s): District 9125, RC Samaru (Nigeria) , RC Bottrop-Writtringen (Germany), RC Bielefeld- Sued (Germany)
Other organizations involved:  German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ); also involved through in kind donations: ICA Foundation (Bayer Healthcare), BASF
Project location: Sate of Kano, Kaduna FCT Abuja and Ondo, Nigeria
Project budget: $680,000.00

This project is fully covered by the Rotary Area of Focus, Maternal and Child Health. The overall goal of this project is for the state government health system to take over this Rotary model to reduce maternal and newborn health. 


  • Scaling up/Replication of the pilot project MG #(2005-2010) in the new states FCT Abuja and Ondo, Nigeria.
  • Reduction of maternal and fetal mortality and morbidity through implementation of quality assurance in obstetrics in twenty selected rural hospitals in the state of Kano, Kaduna, FCT Abuju and Ondo. 


  • Intensification and upgrading of quality assurance in obstetrics in the selected hospitals in Kano State and in Kaduna State, as well as scaling up of the model in five rural hospitals in FCT Abuja and five hosptials in Ondo State, including the provision of necessary equipment and infastructure. I
  • Statistical data collection in all selected hospital - documented in semiannual hospital reports.
  • Conducting meetings for results analysis ("Review Meetings") for the exchange of experiences and know-how among the doctors and midwives involved, benchmarking and elimination of deficits.
  • Informing the population about sexual and reproducative health and rights through village gatherings ("Community Dialogues") with distributions of birth kits and mosquito net for traditional birth attendants.

Target Group:

  • Approx. 64,000 pregnant and childbearing women, who seek care in twenty hospitals in the states of Kano, Kaduna, FCT Abuja and Ondo during the project term.  Indirect target group is a population of five million 

District Project 2980

Saheli Vocational Training Centers 

Club/District Partner(s): RC Tiruchengode, District 2980, Host; RC Muncie Sunrise, Partner District 6560 
Other organizations involved:  All
Project location: Gorimedu, Vinayakampatti, Ayothyapattinam and Vellalapatti in Salem District; Poyyundarkottai in Thanjaver District; Dahrmapuran, Mayiladuthural Taluk in Nagappattiman District. All India.
Project budget: $52,260.00

Vocational Education inluded in training to become a clinical lab technician, training in use of computers to become employed in an office setting which could require accounting knowledge and other secretarial duties, and tailoring classes so graduates could become employed in the clothing construction industry, and for contracts within the home. Qualified and licensed teachers were employed for these classes organized and staffed by the various Rotary Clubs in the communities where the centers are located. The volunteer instructors are doctors and other health professionals. These classes covered family planning, reproductive health, child spacing, prenatal and early childhood nutrition. 

These centers covered two focus areas of TRF - Maternal and Child Health and Economic and Community Development.  Three hundred students were enrolled during this first year of operation.  The equipment, facilities, and teachers are planned for three hundred and twenty students to be trained each year. 

The cooperating organizations are keeping records on the students following their education at centers to determine the number of women/girls employed in the area of training, the number who are self employed in the area of their training,information regarding family health,use of education regarding nutrition and reproduction, and their family status - economical and physical health. 

In additon to the host club, the Rotary Clubs of Salem, Thanjavur, Mayiladuthurai Midtown and Salem Galaxy are involved with the continuation of this project throught regular reviews and analysis of the project results. The clubs will also continue the Maternal and Child Health programs for all students.

Saheli Center - Afghanistan 

Club/District Partner(s): Jalalabad, Afghanistan
Other organizations involved:  Awaken Afghanistan - "Afgan Women and Kids Eduction &  Necessities, Inc."
Project location: Behsood - Nagahar Province of Afghanistan
Project budget: $35,000.00

This project is to establish a Saheli Center for indigent women who are unable to obtain this education without the center and funding provided by Rotarians, Rotary Clubs and TRF. The center will open near the current Awaken Clinic and School and will provide literacy classes, nutrition, and reproductive health classes with a focus upon Maternal and Child Health.  The center will also provide vocational eduction, including but not limited to computers and tailoring. 

A Footprint Project

Footprint Project  - Sewing Machines 

Club/District Partner(s): Open to all clubs and districts to participate
Other organizations involved:  All
Project location: 
Project budget: $35,000.00

Footprint projects are projects that leave various sizes of footprints as far as its impact on the world.  Each project can hava a large footprint or a small footprint, light or heavy, or it can indicate a specific issue such as a light carbon footprint or small water footprint. This particular project is set to have a heavy footprint.  By giving a sewing machine to an indigent woman because it would mean she would be self-sufficient, her family would have income, her children could attend school, and therefore be this one act could change generations to come for the better. 

It is our goal to make this project a Global Grant, involving individual donors, with matching money from a club and/or district, and perhaps matching funds from the Rotary Foundation.

If you are looking for a place to "jump in" to projects but are afraid of a large committment, this is the perfect platform to get involved. 

Contact RFPD Executive Director at 770-407-5633 or by e-mail at rfpd.hq@rifpd.org to discover new project opportunities.

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